ASP.NET Bright Future (4.5.2 & vNext)

 .NET 4.5.2

If you have not taken a look yet, be sure to check out the .NET Framework 4.5.2 release. It has a couple of new things to note:

I was initially excited about the QueueBackgroundWorkItem method on the HostingEnvironment object and what that might mean for running background jobs in ASP.NET. Without full investigation I don’t know yet, but it looks like a simple wrapper to the “IRegisterObject” usage that was already present in .NET 4. Oh well…

Also note that this is another “In Place” upgrade that replaces DLL’s over top of the existing .NET 4, 4.5, and 4.5.1 and is supposedly fully backwards compatible!


Even more exciting than .NET 4.5.2 is some of the alpha notes on ASP.NET vNext. While not an incredible amount of information about actual programmable components and object changes, we see a lot of very exciting foundational element shifts:

Some of the components that look very exciting to me are:

  • ASP.NET MVC and Web API have been unified into a single programming model
  • Dependency injection out of the box
  • Side by side – deploy the runtime and framework with your application
  • NuGet everything – even the runtime itself

Be sure to check it out, ASP.NET looks to have a bright exciting future! Thanks for always keeping us up to date Scott!

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