Meetup: ASP.NET Core on Serverless Infrastructure

ASP.NET Core (and .NET Core in general) is very exciting with its recent evolution and is only getting better. Its cross platform nature now gives us the ability to deploy on platforms with .NET that were never an option before.

Serverless is a large buzz word as well, and many FaaS (Function as a Service) providers are popping up, including AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Functions etc. Pairing ASP.NET Core on a FaaS provider like AWS Lambda can provide many efficiency’s and benefits in terms of lower barrier to entry, and cheaper development cost, maintenance cost and so on.

At the Toronto .NET Meetup we explored these two technologies together and had a lot of fun identifying the benefits and the risks. Thanks to everyone that joined us, and thanks to the Toronto .NET Meetup  for organizing this fun event.

If you missed the event or are looking for some of the additional resources:

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