Conf42: SRE 2022

I had the opportunity to speak at the Conf42 SRE 2022 conference in June this year. Definitely one of the more interesting virtual conferences I have participated in. All content is pre-recorded but streamed live at a particular time for the premiere. The opening notes offer a breakdown of the sessions and teasers from each speaker about their session (find my teaser available in the premiere here). Content is then made available in the tracks as VOD (video on demand) enabling consumers to check out content as they please and engage in conversation live with speakers in the associated Discord channels.

I never thought I’d be a speaker at an SRE conference if you had asked me. That being said, I have had a ton of opportunities in the last year to learn about site reliability engineering and bridge the gap between SRE and Platform engineering teams at SPS Commerce as I focus on Developer Experience.

While this particular talk on “Unleashing Deploy Velocity with Feature Flags” is one I have given a dozen times before, it still seems to be so relevant for a lot of engineering teams. I’ll keep tweaking it and updating it as long as developers find it valuable. At the same time, working on some new content related to sharing code, API design first, and some others. Stay tuned later in the year!

The conference was pretty heavy with promotions throughout the videos, but more than expected with a free conference. The conference organizers provided detailed, organized, and simple instructions to produce nice quality videos with a studio feeling to them.

Great job Conf42! Check out many more upcoming Conf42 Conferences…

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