Developer Experience & API Style Guides at SPS Commerce

Developer Experience & API Style Guides at SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce is moving fast in adopting an API-First culture and mindset, as we re-envision our API Platform from the ground up. Some amazing work from our internal tech community and engineering teams over the last year. Dive in and check out our journey so far in the latest API Intersection podcast as we chat about API Style Guides and Developer Experience.

Shout out to the API Intersection Podcast team over at Stoplight who are producing fantastic content on a regular basis, that we have used to help guide our direction at SPS. It was a great opportunity to be able to share and discuss our learnings so far with the community. Looking forward to continuing to share the SPS Commerce + API-First journey and learning from the great technology community around us (find us at UberConf 2022).

Stoplight Blog Post & Summary: Collaboration for Successful Scaling: Developer Experience & Style Guides from the Ground Up with SPS Commerce

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