Speaking at DevOpsCon New York 2021

Speaking at DevOpsCon New York 2021

Had the fantastic opportunity to join the schedule for DevOpsCon New York this year in 2021! I had originally submitted a ton of CFPs across a majority of similarity-focused conferences in early 2020. It was keenly interesting to see the response to my variety of submitted topics. What I mean by that is, almost unilaterally the chosen submission was always the talk on “Unleashing Deploy Velocity with Feature Flags”. If you follow my blog you know I’ve also given that same talk at some prior meetups and had a fantastic response. Either my other submissions were really bad, or there is a real thirst in the developer community for the topic (I’d like to believe the latter).

2020 of course, was not a great year to be shopping around some talks at various conferences and about 80% of my accepted CFPs were all canceled, including DevOpsCon New York 2020. The team thankfully was able to get up and running in 2021 with a planned partial live and remote conference capability. In reality, thanks to pandemic logistics, the entire conference ended up online this year. The experience was one of the best so far in talk engagements that I’ve had. Everything from communication ahead of time, pre-requisites, onboarding, A/V checks were all very helpful and made for a real smooth experience as both a speaker and an attendee at the conference.

The first session on day one was on “Effective Cloud-Native Development: An Overview of Practices and Tooling” was absolutely fantastic by Dr. Daniel Bryant, as were the follow-up niche topics (including mine… hehehehe). The only change I would have made to the practices and tooling would have been to include Feature Flags… but nevertheless a great rundown.

Be sure to catch DevOpsCon New York schedule in future years, and get a replay of my session below. Thanks to all the organizers and speakers at DevOpsCon New York 2021!

*NOTE: Link to Session Available Soon. Check out this alternative source for the same talk at prior meetups until then.

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