Firebug Lite [Works in IE]

Firebug has been the developers dream when it comes to working on web development in Mozilla Firefox. In fact, it was such a great development tool, Microsoft attempted to copy the functionality of this tool to create their own IE Developer Toolbar, which now comes built in standard with IE8. For the most part they did a great job, and we now have a great development assistant for IE as with Firefox. However, the IE team missed a couple of things. Mainly, my grief is the lack of a console in the IE8 Toolbar, which allows me to see web service calls and duration length. You can see a general comparison between the toolbars in this outline:

Luckily, the Firebug team has been working on a new Lite version of the toolbar. This new Firebug Lite is not a downloadable install, but rather an in browser javascript addition. You simply can bookmark the javascript function, initiating it will open a Firebug look-a-like in any browser, including Internet Explorer. The Lite version slims down many of the features you see from the original Firebug, but does provide a console for viewing web service calls, and plenty of other goodies you would expect.

Check out the link:


Great addition, easy to use, no install!

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  1. eben says:

    you can use firebug for ie if you use internet explorer

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