New Pluralsight Course: ASP.NET Bundling & Minification


In the 3rd quarter of 2013 I began a slightly different path in my development career and began working on a hardcore developer training course on ASP.NET Bundling and Minification, under the banner of the Pluralsight training website.

I’m happy to say the course is finally completed and released on the Pluralsight website as of today. The experience in working with Pluralsight on this course has been fantastic, and I’m thrilled to officially be a Pluralsight Author now.

This course will provide you with complete look into the bundling and minification framework available in the ASP.NET web optimization library. Learn how to efficiently optimize your website resources and assets without comprising the way you want to develop. ASP.NET makes bundling and minification incredibly easy and leaves no reason not to ensure your web application is fully optimized.

Check out the course: ASP.NET Bundling, Minification, & Resource Optimization

Course Overview:

1. Understanding Optimizations

– What exactly is bundling and minification and why it is important.
– How the System.Web.Optimization library enters the picture to solve a problem.

2. Basic Optimizations

– Getting and installing the Optimization library.
– Declaring bundles and utilizing Optimizations in MVC and Web Forms.
– Development efficiencies with enabling optimizations.
– Automatic cache busting and version control.

3. Advanced Optimizations

– Ignoring and ordering files in a bundle
– File extension replacements
– Content delivery networks
– Dynamic folder bundles

4. Extending Optimizations

– Building custom bundles and transformations to meet your specialized requirements.
– Integrating pre-processor transformations
– Using the Bundle Transformer Nuget Package
– CSS URL Rewriting

5. Architecting Optimizations

– Discussing efficient methodologies of integrating complex bundle configurations
– Bundling other types of resources, including: RESX localization files, enums, HTML templates, and even MVC views.

6. Testing Optimizations

– Integration of the virtual path provider
– Integration testing your bundle configuration
– Unit testing your custom bundles and transforms

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