Website: Mortgage Station

mortgagestationDid another side job to earn a couple extra bucks for my wedding coming up in 6 months from yesterday!!! This job was pretty standard. It is a .NET 3.5 project with standard content editing, event adjustments, document portal you would expect to see in an administration section to a website. Nothing out of the ordinary.

There was one unique piece. This involved integration into Campaign Monitor using their API Wrapper. Campaign Monitor is a premier reseller and retailer of online newsletters. They allow you to build (or buy) custom newsletter templates, and handle your subscription list. You can manage your account from their website and build custom login and subscription forms. Also, you can use their API to fully integrate your project. They even have a API written in all major code bases that make things super easy!!! I did not get to do much with it, however my initial view of it was spectacular, and I have never been so impressed at how well everything is organized and the quality in which they offer. Going forward I will definitely use Campaign Monitor myself for personal projects and reccommend it to other people. Check it out at

Check out a Demo of this Site: Mortgage Station Demo

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