Website: Wedding for Travis and Bettina

travisandbettinawebThats right. You read the title correct. I recently proposed to my girlfriend and we are getting married in the next 9 months. I decided to build a basic website to host all our wedding information to make it easier for us as well as friends and family.

I took a little look around, but could not find any prebuilt or turn-key solutions I liked. In my design I included:

  • Photo Gallery – using JQuery and BlockUI JS scripts
  • Event Maps – using a Virtual Earth AJAX Wrapper for C#…. Simplovation – simply awesome work.
  • R.S.V.P form
  • Other static info.

Enjoyed creating a site for myself for once. Of course I’d like to do much more to the site…but only has time permits.

Check the Site Out!

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